After an enjoyable holiday season, The Compounder’s website is going to be seeing some much needed changes very soon!

The first drastic change we’ve already made is the switch to a new webstore with a service called Shopify. With many of our specialty products being requested in person while we are out in public, it seemed counterproductive to ask that people visit our website’s store and purchase things on their own. Now, in addition to it being an extremely awesome shop to navigate and search inside of, it’s extremely easy to use on our mobile devices.

And that is important to us.

We’ve added some new items, and all of the old ones, and while we get to work on addiing all of the item images, please feel free to poke around or purchase what you’ve been purchasing from us for years anyway!

The address is

Let us know what you think!

In the next few months we’ll be revamping our blogging platform, changing our homepage design, and getting rid of some of the things we haven’t touched since we launched our latest website in February of 2010.

Thanks for reading and we will continue to share our unique vision for health in the coming weeks as usual, but with a much better online shopping experience than before.

Oh, and free shipping? Of course. Type in FREESHIPPING (all caps, no spaces) and we will honor it for supplement purchases.


Joel Frieders