Ask Larry:

Your Question: My RA diagnosis caught me completely by surprise. Quick question before I meet with my rheumatologist on Wednesday. Are you aware of LDN success with test numbers similar to mine?
My Rheumatoid Factor is 66 and the Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody (CCPA) >300.

Larry’s Response: NUMBERS?

I am not up to speed on test values, and it’s by choice.

I have found that using test numbers to make a diagnosis, decide on treatment, and evaluate progress is fraught with error – especially when the numbers don’t reflect how the patient actually FEELS.

Thyroid testing goes on all the time – usually for TSH – and doctors stop working with their patients when the TSH level is in the normal range. Yet. the vast majority of those patients still feel like dirt. The answer when they com

[plain, “Well, your TSH is normal so there isn’t anything else I can offer.” The doctor is correct, but certainly not helping his/her patient.

LDN cannot be patented so there’s no reason for anyone in the medical business to fund any studies. While we might wish studies would be performed so we can discover the better treatments, the sad fact remains that if a drug maker can’t foresee making billions the studies will not take place. MOST doctors will refuse to order it and allow their patient to try it BECAUSE there aren’t studies. There won’t be studies so the doctors are justified not ordering it.

The best I can offer is that LDN seems to help a lot of people. I’ve been dispensing it for almost 15 years and personally seen dramatic changes. People reorder month after month, which suggests they like what it does. My word isn’t usually enough for most doctors.

Just ask that you be allowed to try it and don’t be surprised if it is refused.

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