Ask Larry:

Your Question: I am trying to lower my cholesterol. I think there are a few factors as to why it is too high: I took Wellbutrin to quit smoking and a thyroid issue. My cholesterol is at 283 and my doctor gave me the long face and said I ABSOLUTELY have to be on a statin. I tried them once before and the leg cramps were unbelievable. So I made a deal with him to check back in 3 months.

So diet change, exercise and off the Wellbutrin… Is there anything else I can do?

Larry’s Response: Before getting too detailed, I need you to understand that I completely disagree with the IDEA that we all need to lower our cholesterol levels (283 is not TOO HIGH in my book).


In fact, low cholesterol is by far more dangerous than higher levels. EVERY hormone in the body begins life as cholesterol. Using any method to reduce cholesterol – especially drugs – depletes the raw ingredient that is used to make all of the other hormones. Thyroid problems are to be expected when the cholesterol is removed – as are a host of other diseases, including cancer.

Wellbutrin might have been helpful, but you should have stopped using it by now. If not, please ask your doctor to help you quit using it.

The primary diet changes are simple but not easy. Disease is often grounded in internal inflammation. There are many inflammatory substances, but the two ingredients you can do something about are sugars and wheat.

Simple, huh? Yes, but it is difficult to remove those drugs/ingredients from your diet. Yes, they’re natural – or at least USED to be natural. There have been so many changes over the years that they are more toxic today than ever before.

When I say eliminate sugars I also mean all artificial sweeteners. Honey, however, is nutritious – but not if you devour it at the rate most of us consume sugar (over 70 pounds per year on the low side).

Drink plenty of water (especially before going to bed) – not bottled. City water is okay if it’s filtered (reverse osmosis to remove fluoride).

You understand that exercise is important. It strengthens muscles and reduces inflammation. 30 to 40 minutes three days a week. BRISK walking is very good, as is lighting weights.

I have written extensively on these issues on our website ( so I haven’t gone into details about WHY in this response. Just the basic conclusions.

Doctors disagree with this approach and honestly BELIEVE cholesterol is dangerous. It isn’t, but efforts to lower levels with drugs is very dangerous.

I hope this helps.