Ask Larry:

Your question: Somewhere in one of your articles I read that you are losing weight. Are you eating a low carb diet? I am 100+ pounds over weight and have arthritis in my knees; imagine that! So I’m looking for an eating plan that is healthy and works.

Would you share what eating plan you are on?

Larry’s Response: Starting after last Christmas we began altering our diet to one that resembled the popular paleo method (meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, some fruit – organic when we can).

Along the way we eliminated all sugars, artificial sweeteners, and simple carbohydrates (potatoes and all processed foods). Recently we dropped all things that contain wheat. I think the wheat part is very important.

We also exercise 3 to 4 days a week (walking at 3+ mph) and we drink only filtered water (reverse osmosis filtration system).

We eat vegetables, plenty of meat, eggs, some fruit, raw nuts, some seeds, plantain chips – about 95% of the time. I’ve dropped over 30 pounds – from a size 44 slacks to a 38. My body fat content fell from 33% to 24%.

I am never hungry because I eat whenever I want, yet the weight continues to fall off.

We started the changes with a target of eating good stuff 80% of the time. While we didn’t hit the mark often, the weight began to come off and we felt better. Once we started to eat well for 17 meals a week, we upped the ante and are shooting for 100% good food. We’re happy at 95+% and we do not refuse food offered us at social and business gatherings. I dislike making a “thing” about what I eat and I prefer to not make a scene.

Here’s a link to a page on our website that outlines my blueprint for health: