Ask Larry:

Question: I will be seeing an endocrinologist soon and will ask for a prescription for testosterone. Perhaps you can help me “guide” the doctor for the best preparation. Currently, I use pregnenolone and DHEA TD cream; 100mg/ml, using 50mg or 1/2ml per day. I also test to monitor my levels.

Dr. John Crisler has said: “I recommend all practitioners first try a testosterone gel for their TRT patients. Gels are better than creams, as I want the rapid T uptake into the dermal layer, which serves as reservoir for distribution throughout the day.” He also says: “Use a water soluble gel”.

I would appreciate it if you could help me with the following questions.

1. Are products such as Androgel that use alcohol considered a “water soluble gel”?
2. I have used Testogel (Androgel) and find it messy and would prefer a more concentrated form. Would 100mg/ml be acceptable, for 50mg QD?

Larry’s Response: I disagree with Dr. Crisler. Gels are messy and leave much of the testosterone on the skin (from where it can easily be transferred to other people who don’t need additional testosterone). There isn’t a rapid uptake into the dermal layer.

The gels are popular because they’re made by a drug company and doctors do what drug companies tell them to do.

Water soluble gels are counter productive because testosterone isn’t water soluble.

However, the commercial products (Androgel, Testogel) are made in water soluble gels so Dr. Crisler recommends them.

I think the transdermal creams are far superior and can be made in higher concentrations. Yes, 100 mg/ml is possible but one ml of it is a lot for one dose. A quarter to a half ml would deliver a therapeutic amount of supplemental testosterone.

We use pure Testosterone USP in our transdermal preparations and everyone who uses them is pleased. Yes, everyone.

Blood and saliva testing are nice, but the most effective TEST is how you feel.

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