I have devoted many articles and blog posts to the benefits of using plain soap to clean teeth. It is far safer and more effective than any commercial toothpaste. Soap contains no added glycerin, no fluoride, no artificial sweeteners, no zinc, and no sodium lauryl sulfate. Just soap.

Soap is an excellent cleaner. The first test we did on our own teeth was over ten years ago. We found that our teeth were clean and still smooth in the morning after using just soap before going to bed. As time moved forward, people who have cleaned their teeth with soap discovered that practically ALL of their gum problems went away.

We were one of the first retailers to offer Tooth Soap in our store. The original product was soap “shards”, little pieces of stringy soap in a brown jar. They worked fine, but if you didn’t use them quickly enough they became rancid – not in any way harmful, but with an “off” flavor and aroma. This product seems more sanitary than a bar of soap in a dish in the bathroom, but it is still possible to contaminate the jar if a user’s fingers aren’t perfectly clean when they reach in for the next soap shard. The price for a jar kept going up and our customers were less inclined to try it out at those price points.

Instead of those shards, we began making a liquid preparation that we sell in a pump container. The soap is protected from the environment and a simple push on the top delivers a small puff of tooth FOAM – right onto the toothbrush. No fumbling needed. A light pump delivers a little and a more vigorous pump puts a tiny mountain on the brush. Small is fine when it comes to soap.

We’ve stopped selling the original Tooth Soap in the brown jars and have replaced it with our Tooth Foam at about half the cost. It works fine because it is still just soap, with a hint of natural peppermint for flavor.

If you’ve already tried using tooth soap, in any form, what experience can you share with us?