Ask Larry:

Your Question: Where can I find more information on acid reflux? Your explanation of the problem not being one of too much acid makes sense to me. Do you have any websites that you trust that may give me additional understanding of this? Everything from the general medical community (pub med, webmd, american college of gastenterologists) don’t even mention this as a possibility. Thanks.

Larry’s Response: Something doesn’t have to be true to be believed. Tell a big enough lie often enough and EVERYONE will believe it.

I’ve published what I know to be true, but I have scant scientific evidence to support it – only that the drugs that lower acid promote serious problems. Just look at the package inserts on the drugs. It isn’t difficult to find more. It takes a little effort and some time. I just did a Google search for “Nexium Side Effects”. I received 12,700,000 results in 0.18 seconds.

Each of us believes what we want and in today’s world there seems to be little belief that there are actual truths – everyone seems to think they can have their own beliefs even when they’re not supported by fact. Truth is not relative.

Using a drug to lower acid might reduce gastric reflux but it does nothing to cure the problem or prevent it from happening again.

That’s good for drug sales, not just for Nexium and the like, but for the vast majority of drugs we all gulp down every day. Sad but true.

I hope the above can set you on the path to discovering that we are being lied to by the people we should trust. The only good thing about this is that those we should trust actually believe what they say is true – meaning we are not intentionally being lied to.