They are NOT real food.
I’m adding a special recommendation to my list for healthy living.
I’ve long told anyone who would listen that they can maintain – even regain – health by following some basic rules:
  • Eat good food; eliminate processed carbohydrates and all sugars. Avoid all dairy that is from cows treated with growth hormone.
  • Drink clean water – filtered to remove toxins, especially fluoride.
  • Avoid drugs, legal or otherwise, especially statins, PPIs, and synthetic hormones.
  • Take a daily probiotic.
  • Moderate exercise, 45 minutes three to four days a week.
non-gmo-verifiedThe addition is … AVOID ALL PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN GMOs.
GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) may well be the one thing that initiates and promotes bad health IN ALL LIVING BEINGS. It damages us, our children, farm animals, and our pets.
Educate yourself by becoming familiar with the Non-GMO Project. Read their website. Download and use the apps they recommend. Eliminate all GMOs from your diet – and your pets’ – and tell the grocery stores you want to purchase non-GMO food for your family.
Yes, this JUNK is approved by our FDA, but that doesn’t make it safe. It also casts serious shadows on exactly who our FDA is protecting. It certainly doesn’t seem to be us.
We recently watched the movie, “Genetic Roulette”. It is disturbing, but so enlightening.
Watch it at the link below.