My daughter Lydia recently attended a concert at Ravinia. The printed program contained an ad from Walgreens that read:

“Sometimes, the best medicine isn’t medicine at all. We’re about helping people feel better. But we’ll be the first to admit that occasionally, the best remedy for body, mind and soul is a blanket under the stars.”

Ravinia is an outdoor venue north of Chicago where most of the patrons enjoy concerts from their blankets on the lawn. Some sit and listen and others go way out, bringing wine, glassware, and fine dining utensils – making the evening an event to remember. The reference to the blanket may only be focused on the Ravinia experience, but I want to believe that there is a solid part of Walgreens’ philosophy that supports wellness, and feeling better over using more drugs.

Now, I am not suddenly becoming an apologist for “big box” drug stores, but I must applaud this effort. If you agree with me, consider making your feelings known to Walgreens. If you don’t leave me a comment.

You can contact them by clicking on this link; Contact Walgreens

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