I am no longer offering saliva testing at our compounding pharmacy.

Yes, I know it’s popular and common, and considered a step in the process of achieving hormone balance. That does not automatically equate to necessity. At least for me.

Just because we CAN measure levels of hormones in saliva (blood too), is not rationale for actually doing it, especially if the goal is to help determine a person’s imbalance – and offer suggestions for correcting it.

Clinically, most of us are estrogen dominant. In fact, it would be extremely rare in the United States to find anyone who isn’t. Estrogen dominance means we have an imbalance between estrogen and other hormones (mostly progesterone). It does not necessarily mean we have excess estrogen.

There are other substances that we don’t measure that can also add to the estrogen load in our system. On some level, each of us is exposed to estrogen-like substances every day. Some of us experience the downside of this exposure more than others. When the symptoms become unbearable, the answer isn’t to test and confirm something your doctor should already know.

A better approach is to save that money and do what seems to work well in the vast majority of cases – use physiologic amounts of progesterone, preferably as a transdermal (topical) cream or lotion. Some may suggest oral progesterone doses, but I think the chances of relief are greatly improved when doses can be adjusted to meet individual needs.

In addition to discontinuing the sale of saliva test kits, I no longer do formal hormone balancing consultations. After engaging hundreds of them I realized that I was saying practically the same thing to everyone – and charging for both the tests and my time.

Regardless of how hormone imbalance manifests in a person, the approach to relief is usually the same; better diet, modest exercise, clean water, vitamins/minerals, and a good progesterone supplement (without parabens). I decided I can no longer charge hundreds of dollars to regurgitate the same advice over and over again. But, if you ask me, I’ll explain it to you in as much detail as I can – and there is no charge. I won’t even expect you to buy anything from me. I want to tell you what I know, answer your questions, and allow you to decide what’s best for you, all with no strings attached.

Yes, this a somewhat radical decision and I’m certain there are health providers lining up to chastise me for my decisions. If you’re one of those, save your breath. Complain about me to someone else. I don’t need to hear your criticism.

I am convinced that people can be healthy, have a good hormone balance, and live a vibrant life without drugs or extra estrogen. Everyone, however, needs additional progesterone and the dosing is simply basic – use a physiologic amount of a good progesterone cream that does not contain parabens.

Allow me to add one caveat.

I still order saliva testing for our staff. We order a baseline report upon hiring and then do repeat tests on a regular basis. The reason? I want one more measure that my staff are doing their jobs correctly and not inadvertently contaminating themselves due to poor technique or lack of equipment. The tests are accurate and valuable as a tracking tool, but of little help in diagnosing and treating hormone imbalance.