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Is there such a thing as a homeopathic flu shot that does not have all the added chemicals and toxins? My daughter who is a junior in college volunteers in a hospital and next year they will require her to get a flu shot to continue volunteering. She does not want one. Does she have any alternatives?Larry’s Response: Sadly, flu shots are all the same. I don’t think there is any alternative. Once Big Brother decides on a policy it is all but impossible to violate. As a health care worker – employed or volunteer – it is becoming the standard to demand vaccinations. The only two options are to lie about getting the required shot or find employment (or volunteer work) someplace that doesn’t require them.

There is no evidence that convinces me that flu vaccination is useful. In fact, I conclude that it is possibly harmful. Yes, there are added materials, but the basic concept for influenza is flawed. In addition, current vaccines are always made based on what was “going around” last year because nobody knows what will be “going around” this year.
But, it is highly profitable for the businesses that make the shots.Sad, isn’t it. We lose freedoms because some people in power inaccurately BELIEVE something is good for us?