Ask Larry:

Question: I notice round white spotted areas on my arms and legs that show up more after being in the sun. Lots of people seem to have this. A friend said it’s a kind of fungus and thought putting Selsun shampoo on the skin while in the shower helped get rid of it.
Do you know what causes it and what gets rid of it?

Larry’s Response: White spots can be caused by numerous things, such as loss of melanin, scars, and numerous kinds of skin infections, including fungus. Injuries and infections often leave behind damaged melanin after they are cured. Hence, light or white spots. The active ingredient in Selsun – as well as many topical creams and shampoos – is zinc pyrithione. In itself it isn’t antifungal. It reduces redness (inflammation), which is often the cause for flaking skin. I don’t think it would have any positive effect on active skin fungus.

If you think the problem is getting worse over time, contact a dermatologist.

Otherwise, it seems to be something we “just have to deal with” because I don’t think there’s a cure for what has already been happening.