I was recently sent an article that described how a female witness was barred from speaking at a congressional hearing about birth control where every other witness was male. The article spent no time focusing on the actual issue, but attempted to pull the attention away from it by creating another issue altogether.

No matter what you believe in regards to this topic, remember that your beliefs have little, if nothing, to do with fact.

This is a BS story that is unrelated to the topic at hand. I agree that the meeting in question was bogus, but reporting an incident where birth control pills might have prevented a cyst is pushing the envelope. Mainly because they’ve been pushing the idea that the birth control pill is a treatment for cysts for decades but have yet to show that it ever works. Progesterone maybe, birth control pills? Nope.

Using the logic that birth control pills are used as a treatment for cysts is about as lame as claiming birth control pills cure acne.

I’m not going to enter the dialog about contraception or abortion, especially when it involves drugs. I am on record opposing the use of hormones for birth control. They are toxic to the users and their residue is poisoning the rest of us.

The public arguments about payment are disgusting and irrelevant. The people in power seem to think the rest of us are too ignorant to understand that when an insurance company is forced by the government to “pay” for something, they receive the money to pay for it from everyone. Everyone.

There are no free lunches. In fact, requiring the companies to pay for birth control pills is good for their bottom line.

The fact that nobody is picking up on the payment issue may be proof that we’re all basically brain dead already and just taking it in the ass – which seems to get easier each day. It is a guarded public secret that insurance companies LOVE IT when they are forced to provide services and pay for expensive drugs and treatments.

They are guaranteed a certain level of PROFIT. They are happy that 5% of a billion dollars is more than 5% of 999 million dollars.

The “health care debate” has NEVER been about health. It is about who pays for all of the crap, and how much money trades hands. This is the result of ignorance or greed. Which one do you think it is?

The assholes are in charge and it is really starting to stink around here.