Ask Larry:

Question: My daughter’s doctor has suggested that she take shots that will put her into temporary menopause in order to treat possible endometritis. When she researched it online, other people having the treatment have said it is the worst thing they have experienced. She is also wary of taking a shot that will not be out of her system for three months. The symptom that lead her to the doctor was extreme pain when having sex. The ultrasound did not show any problems. Do you know of any alternative solutions?

Larry’s Response: Endometriosis is inflammation and it IS associated with hormone imbalance, primarily excess estrogen activity.

This is sometimes referred to as estrogen dominance. The actual measured levels of estrogen may be normal or even low, but the body is responding as if there was too much estrogen. There are many substances that act like estrogen, but aren’t measured with standard hormone tests (plastics, pesticides, hormones in beef, and so on) In fact, the real problem is an imbalance between progesterone and estrogen. There is insufficient progesterone available for the amount of estrogen activity.

I agree with your daughter about receiving a SHOT for this situation. There are easier approaches. Using a mild progesterone supplement is high on my list. Topical progesterone is excellent. She could apply 20mg once daily from day one through twelve of her cycle, then twice daily from day thirteen through twenty-six. She could stop until her period begins – the new day one – and then start again with the once a day application. We have found that using progesterone every day without a break is counter-productive.

In addition, she will want to take a look at her diet and eliminate substances that are associated with inflammation, such as processed foods, sugar (all sweeteners, even the “no-calorie” ones), and gluten. Avoid store-bought and restaurant meat. These always contain hormones and antibiotics. We recommend grass fed beef. Most dairy products are made from milk that comes from cows who have been injected with hormones. Finally, soy products act like estrogens. Avoid those as well.

One last thing. Use a dose of a good probiotic twice daily for a few weeks, then cut back to once daily forever.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me again.