Archie told me his cholesterol and TSH (a test used to determine if the thyroid is functioning properly) numbers were high and that the doctor was considering a couple of approaches. Instead of “treating” the cholesterol with a drug, Archie decided to ignore it for the time being and focus his attention on the thyroid because he felt tired and listless most of the time. He let his doctor know and they agreed on a treatment plan.

A few months after starting on a thyroid supplement, Archie’s TSH levels had begun to drop and he reported feeling better. The doctor adjusted the thyroid amount and Archie’s overall health seemed to improve dramatically. Another follow-up blood test after a year showed that the thyroid supplement had indeed brought his TSH level back into the normal range.

Surprisingly, his cholesterol level was also back down in the accepted area.

Archie asked me if I thought it could be a coincidence. While the vast majority of people see our bodies as made up of individual, distinct parts (a heart, the lungs, a kidney, another kidney, a hand, a brain, and so on), that is truly not the case. We are single creatures whose inner workings are connected and interdependent. Chemicals and electrical impulses keep things operating smoothly – until they are interrupted.

I am convinced that there is a direct connection between the functions of the thyroid gland and circulating cholesterol. Basically, cholesterol is probably the most important substance in our bodies. From it we produce all of the hormones we need, including thyroid. A malfunction of the thyroid gland is not merely a local problem, but of the whole body.

While I cannot describe the exact mechanism of how both TSH and cholesterol rise, I am certain that the connection exists – and it is likely connected with general healthy living. Supporting the thyroid with supplements balanced it, and the effects were manifested throughout the entire body.

Thyroid hormone isn’t a stimulant, but we need it to stay alert. How does it do that? Where does it work – in the brain, the muscles, the skin? Where?

For another example, consider that people today are taking supplements of vitamin D. Why? That particular vitamin is made by the interaction of sunlight and cholesterol. Instead of benefiting from the energy of the sun, we find millions of us applying sun blocking agents and taking drugs to lower our cholesterol. The result is that we become deficient in vitamin D. While sunBURN may cause cancer, sunLIGHT itself doesn’t.

Before closing, I must make one more plea about cholesterol. As the most important substance in our body, it is certainly unwise to use drugs to alter our levels, especially without also evaluating the rest of the body systems. Pushing cholesterol numbers lower and lower removes the raw ingredient we use to make our important hormones.