As we get more “seasoned” some of our joints can become a little creaky. Of course, it is common to reach for a bottle of pain reliever or a jar of rub to help relieve the aches. For the long haul, exercise is the superior method for relieving pain and strengthening joints – especially those in the knees.

I can live with a stiff or achy elbow, but sore knees can be more than just a nuisance. Just think of all the times during the day when it is vital to have well-functioning knee joints; getting out of bed, rising from sitting, stairs, entering or leaving an automobile, and many others. The one that seems to bother me the most is exiting my car. Regardless of how I might try to look cool, strong, and in charge, I know I look like a geezer when I grab the frame and pull myself up.

My worries about leaving my car have been resolved by a simple exercise I perform at least 4 times each day. I don’t have to set aside any special time to do it because it happens automatically in the course of a day. It’s easy to start and extremely easy to keep up. There’s good news about this exercise, and some bad.

First, the bad. The necessary equipment can be costly. Most geezers will gladly pay the money for it, and they’ll happily do the exercise as often as possible. The needed equipment is none other than an automobile, a low slung Corvette is a superior choice, but other low sports cars can also work.

Both my wife and I have noticed that our joints operate smoothly and without pain, particularly during the summer months when we use our Corvette every day. The improvement has been so noticeable this year that we’re making plans to continue to drive the low black beast throughout the entire year.

I’m wondering… Would the IRS agree with us that the Corvette is a necessary/deductible health expense?