Question: Sleep has been fragmented most of my adult life with nasal/sinus stuffiness. I wake several times a night each night being unable to breathe through my nose, and I can’t breathe through my mouth because it dries my mouth/throat out. Will Sinus Buster help me sleep at night? I am so fatigued. Thanks

Larry’s Response: I hope you haven’t been using any nasal or sinus sprays, especially the decongestants. If you have, you may be experiencing rebound congestion, something that is difficult to break.

The Sinus Buster spray is definitely helpful. However, I’d first suggest using a sinus rinse product once or twice daily (upon arising and at bedtime). The Neti Pots are okay, but I really prefer the bottles that you can use to “push” the solution up into the sinus cavities. You could use the rinse, then blow your nose, then use a shot or two of Sinus Buster, then blow again. You would be impressed at how clear your breathing will become.

I know first hand that this approach is very effective.