Arthritis is commonly treated by focusing on the symptoms – inflamed and sore joints. When the pain relievers are stopped, the “disease” returns. Nothing in our modern medical arsenal is designed to remove the underlying causes of arthritis. Is this a problem? Yes. However, it isn’t just a problem for people with arthritis. 

Except for antibiotics, no drug is yet able to resolve (cure) the underlying cause of any disease. Why? Are cures impossible? No. People are often cured. 

Drugs, surgery, and radiation are commonly accepted cures in the modern medical world. Nothing else. Perhaps treating symptoms is easier? Yes, swallowing a pill, having an operation, or being bombarded by radiation is easy compared to lifestyle changes that extend longevity and improve quality of life. 

If the drugs aren’t curing people, what is? Cures happen when people recognize a different health paradigm – one that does not focus only on relief. Symptoms themselves, are not the disease. How would you react if you felt fine – great even – and some test indicated you “have something?” I’d venture to say that large numbers of us would accept the test results and subject ourselves to one or more of the standard treatments – even if the treatment made us feel bad or dampened our quality of life.

Here’s a brief story from my friend, Dr. John R. Lee (1929 – 2003).

A family buys an older home with the hope that it will be a happy part of their lives, providing and a place to gather and live. One day the owner discovers that vermin have moved into the basement. They got in through cracks in the old foundation. The homeowner calls an exterminator who sprays a poison that kills the vermin. Things are good for a while, but then more vermin move in – ones that are not harmed by the original poison treatment. The homeowner calls the exterminator and stronger poison is applied. The problem is solved again – but only for a short time because even heartier vermin move in. This continues and ever-stronger poisons are applied until the poisons also begin to make the family ill. Not once did anyone suggest that the owner fix the cracks in the foundation – through which the outside vermin were getting in to take up residence.

The traditional health paradigm – dating back to physicians in ancient Greece – insists that the human body is fully capable of living well, without disease, as long as it is cared for. Our bodies need good food, clean air and water, and exercise – and they shouldn’t be exposed to toxic substances. The body, like the foundation of the house above, is central to overall health. How we treat and maintain it determines – for the most part – how truly fine our livers are. By neglecting the body, we impair our foundation and leave it open to infestation by vermin (disease) – and no amount of drugs, surgery, or radiation will make us whole again.

Moving quickly back to arthritis, the painful symptoms can be relieved (some even suggest cured) when the body gets enough exercise and good nutrition. However, that doesn’t sell anti-inflammatory drugs. The current health paradigm says to use the drugs, return to the doctor often, be retested, and don’t bother with the exercise and nutrition.

I am not opposed to using drugs to relieve symptoms – TEMPORARILY. Sadly, many of us have been lulled into being regular drug users instead of keeping our bodies free from “vermin.” 

Humans are rational beings with the absolute right and ability to make choices for themselves. I pray that we all wake up to that basic fact and start living the best lives we can.