Have you ever known someone who coughed – a lot? They don’t have a cold, and medical exams seems to test out okay. Yet, they cough “all the time” – and it isn’t even a productive cough. Just hacking, Hacking, HACKING. If you are close to the person – a spouse or co-worker, for example – you may sometimes get peeved at the “cougher”. You want them to;

  • Stop it.
  • Do something about it.
  • Take a cough supressant
  • See a doctor.
  • Go home.

You almost conclude that they are coughing because they want to irritate you, or maybe because it has become a habit.

First, understand that there are serious conditions that can cause a person to cough often. One is a heart problem. Let’s start with the understanding that the “cougher” has already determined that their cough isn’t the result of a serious medical condition. They’re fine in most areas, yet they cough “all the time”.

A Possible Cause. Allow me to suggest that the incessant hacking may well be the result of a simple set of circumstances referred to as post nasal drip. There used to be commercials about it that recommended a decongestant nasal spray for treatment – a drug. That is exactly the wrong way to approach the situation. While the drug might work a little, the side effects of regular use are bad. In fact, the more a person uses a decongestant drug, the more poorly it works. It’s referred to a rebound congestion. The very thing you use to relieve congestion and drip is the thing that causes it to get worse. Good marketing. One simple piece of advice: never use a decongestant nasal spray – ever.

How does sinuses drip cause the coughing? Dust, mold, pollen, and allergens of all types can accumulate in our nasal sinuses and cause inflammation. That can bring on swelling and mucous discharge – nasal drip. Many “coughers” seem worse in the morning, probably because sleeping soundly allowed the allergen stuff to accumulate in the sinuses. It drips to the throat where it stimulates the cough reflex. Merely blowing the nose isn’t enough to dislodge and remove all of the irritants. We need something more.

Cleaning the Sinuses. I tried using a Netti pot a few years ago and it seemed helpful, but messy. A company that sells those pots also sells a simple plastic squeeze bottle with a special nasal adapter. Merely mix a salt packet (or a quarter teaspoonful of table salt) with about 8 ounces of tepid water. Rinse the sinus cavities twice daily and the irritants will be flushed out – no longer causing the symptoms. No drip means no cough. It may take a few days to achieve complete success, but it is very likely to happen.

Sneezing Too. This also works for people plagued with constant sneezing. The same mechanisms are at work; accumulation of allergens, and a reaction. I can personally attest to the fact that my prior sneezing spells have been 100% eliminated from my life. There was a time a few years ago when I actually left work because I was sneezing so much. The Sinus Rinse worked for me – perfectly. I never miss using it and I pack it whenever I travel.

What Else? To top off good sinus care, I suggest a non-drug spray that contains pepper extract. Yes, it sounds wicked, but it does wonders for clearing the head. It even helps relieve headaches. The product is called Sinus Buster. Just a “shot” in each nostril opens things up. It is not a nasal decongestant – no drugs. Except for the “bite” when first used, it has no side effects and it isn’t addicting.

That’s it. Sinus Rinses once or twice daily. Sinus Buster when needed.