People are talking about – and buying – McDonald’s new product; Fruit and Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal topped with apples, raisins and cranberries and blended with cream. Is it in any way dangerous or harmful? Is it yet another example of “fast food” – cheap and lacking nutrition?
I don’t think so – when consumed in moderation. It appears that McDonald’s is actually making an effort to offer a quick meal that fills us up and isn’t likely to destroy our health. I won’t make that claim for those of us who “get hooked” on a product and down it daily – or even multiple times a day. Those who fall into that trap shouldn’t blame the food itself, but their own poor judgement.INGREDIENTS:

  • Oatmeal: Whole grain rolled oats, brown sugar, food starch-modified, salt, natural flavor (plant source), barley malt extract, caramel color.
  • Diced Apples: Apples, calcium ascorbate (a blend of calcium and vitamin C to maintain freshness and color).
  • Cranberry Raisin Blend: Dried sweetened cranberries (sugar, cranberries), California raisins, golden raisins, sunflower oil, sulfur dioxide (preservative).
  • Light Cream: Milk, cream, sodium phosphate, datem, sodium stearoyl lactylate, sodium citrate, carrageenan.
No, “datem” is not a typo. It is the abbreviation for Diacetyl Tartaric (Acid) Ester of Monoglyceride.While it may seem exotic, it is actually a common ingredient  used to strengthen and build a string gluten network network. AS expected, people with gluten intolerance should not use this product.There’s milk, so lactose intolerant people should also avoid the temptation to try McDonald’s oatmeal.

There have been recent reports about the toxicity of carrageenan. While they may be true, it is all but impossible to eat food in the United States and avoid it. You’ll find it added to make things “smooth and creamy” – think of ice cream, condensed milk, deserts, toothpaste, soy milk, and personal lubricants.

You’ll find brown sugar in the product, about 14 grams – which contributes 56 calories to the total (290 calories). There is also a version WITHOUT brown sugar. McDonald’s nutrition page mentions Equal and Splenda, but there isn’t an indication that the oatmeal product contains either of these chemical sweeteners.
I’m awaiting comments from the “anti-McDonald’s” folks – the ones on the Left Coast who seem bent on driving anyone out of business who offers fast, inexpensive food choices. I want to read how they pull apart the ingredients and turn the new product into another of their toxic warnings.
Yes, I’ve tried the product and it IS very tasty, but surely not something I’ll crave on a regular basis. With only 5 grams of protein, it may not “hold me” to lunch, but that isn’t so bad.

You may be interested in a page that offers nutrition information about all of McDonald’s products. It is online in pdf format. It is called McDonald’s USA Nutrition Facts for Popular Menu Items