Today I’m posting to recommend an incredible book.

This particular book has had an extremely powerful impact on its readers around the world. The book in question is titlted: What Does That Mean? Exploring Mind, Meaning and Mysteries, by New York Times bestselling author, Eldon Taylor. I can assure you this book has had an amazing effect on all who have read it.

I’m telling my readers about it, because as a recently published author, I see value in sharing books that can influence your life in a positive way just by reading them. Not only do I consider Eldon Taylor’s book to fall into this category, I would hope that one day someone might put one of my works in a similar light.

What Does That Mean? was originally published as a hardback, but is now being re-released as a paperback for a fraction of what the original was being sold for. Because I believe in books and minds such as Eldon Taylor’s, I have agreed to share his website and news of his paperback sale with my friends and readers.

The cool thing about Eldon’s re-releasing of the paperback, is that if you jump at the chance now, they’re tossing in a bag full of bonus incentives from authors and forward thinkers from around the country. Books, and whitepapers, and audiobooks on dozens of topics related to health, diet, spirituality, psychology, and more are all made available to you if you take advantage of their special event pricing.

English writer and poet Joseph Addison, said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” If that is the case, then this book is the perfect workout to enrich your thinking.

I’ve selected a few of my favorite quotes about the book to share with you, and I’ll let you make up your own mind if you choose to explore Eldon Taylor’s latest, and most popular book.

  • “Eldon Taylor provides a life changing compilation of personal and client experiences that reveal how our thoughts, emotions, and actions shape every aspect of our perceived reality. I highly recommend his captivating book, What Does That Mean?, for it offers readers an opportunity to move beyond misperceived limitations and write new empowering stories for themselves, their children, and the world.”- Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of The Biology of Belief
  • “I’ve found all of Eldon Taylor’s books fascinating, but What Does That Mean? is his magnum opus, offering a rare look at how inner guidance plays out in real life.” – Caroline Sutherland, author of The Body Knows . . . How to Stay Young
  • “What Does That Mean? is engaging, thought provoking, and quite simply a great read!” –Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

For more information on Eldon’s latest book, head on over to his Promotional Website by clicking here.