Ask Larry:

Question: Before the new healthcare law passed, who covered the bills for those without insurance when those in need went to hospitals?

Larry’s Response: Before the new law, insurance premiums were paid voluntarily by people who chose to participate in the programs. Many people paid cash. After this law is enacted, the bills will be paid by tax revenues. That is a significant difference. While the intent of the reform legislation seemed to be to improve the quality of care, and make it affordable to more people, the actual effect only be on who pays. Instead of a private, free choice system, we will have a public, conscripted system.

Our government excels at running the one important thing a government should manage, the military. The parks seem to run well, but how difficult is it to manage land? For the most part, the parks take care of themselves. Government involvement fails miserably at managing any other system effectively (FDA, post office, to name just a couple).

Our business once participated in the Illinois Medicaid system. It practically bankrupted us – twice. They have always been illogical and inefficient. Waiting six months for reimbursement is common. The only way to successfully handle government cases is to have sufficient OTHER clients who are charged more to cover the cost of the Medicaid system. Not only do non-Medicaid customers pay taxers to support the Medicaid program, they also pay extra for the things they pay cash for.

Those who “have” always end up paying for those who “have not”. Altruism is fine. Heavy handed government programs are not. History has demonstrated that health insurance programs run by the government fail. Medicare is in shambles and most of the state programs across the nation are in serious trouble. Still, they continue to operate as they always have. Good intentions and a few dedicated public servants are not enough to make that ship straighten up and sail right.