• Did your doctor tell you that you need a drug to “help” prevent bone loss?
  • Did the doctor tell you that the drug she was prescribing might destroy your jaw bones and make it impossible for a dentist to work on your teeth?
  • Did the doctor warn you that you have to remain upright for at least 30 minutes after swallowing the drug so that it wouldn’t erode the tissue in your digestive system (eat through the walls of your esophagus or stomach)?
  • Did the doctor also tell you that you might have other side effects?
  • Did the doctor tell you that you would probably be taking it for the rest of your life?

Like most doctors today, your doctor probably took a quick look at your age and recent test results and concluded that you “need” the bone protection afforded by a drug. The standard of care is to prescribe potent hormone blocking drugs. The belief is that blocking estrogen improves bone health. That is not true. People who believe that tale are wrong. However, enough orders are written for those drugs that it would be economic suicide for the drug makers to start telling the truth now.

What do you know about Fosamax or bisphosphonates?

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