It is “intuitively obvious to the most casual observer” that a parent should not use more of a supplement – or a medication – than is prescribed or recommended.

Parents should also not feed their kids too much, allow them to drink excessive amounts of sugary sweets, allow them to take adult medications, or stay up all night drinking alcohol. I am not comforted knowing that the FDA feels it is necessary to make headlines about the possible side effects from overdosing our kids with vitamin D (Article reference: Infant Overdose Risk With Liquid Vitamin D).

I’d much rather they check the drug makers and guarantee us that what we buy isn’t contaminated or moldy.

I just read this morning that the company that recalled all those children’s over the counter products very recently,  “inadvertently” failed to mention a few more recalled items. It seems the contamination might be a preservative used on the wood pallets upon which the raw ingredients are shipped and stored.

I’d prefer the FDA to honestly evaluate new drugs with regards to safety and efficacy – and usefulness. I want them to not be compromised in their decisions because they have conflicts of interest with the makers of the drugs they’re voting upon (Editorial: New York Times).

Of course it’s important to use all drugs and supplements correctly.

Of course, improper use can cause serious side effects.

However, do we honestly think it’s the duty of the FDA to warn us about such obvious problems when they have so many other (critical) issues pressing on their time?

Which risk sounds more appealing:

Potentially overdosing your child through human error or giving your child a contaminated medicine through improper regulation?