Ask Larry:

Question: I read Dr. Klenner’s report & noted his comments on page 3 about Chronic Fatigue, specifically the use of sodium bicarbonate. I know that many people use bicarb daily to alkalinize or help digestion, and they use small amounts, from 1/8  to 1/2 tsp. I would guess that Dr. Kenner refers to a much larger amount to cause the effects stated. Is there any way to find out the dosage amount used to cause this reaction of hypoxia?

Larry’s Response: I am not certain that there is a specific amount of sodium bicarbonate that can be a problem. Dr. Klenner is reporting on a reaction that could tend to make the symptoms of fatigue worse. It seems that he is suggesting that a person be careful and avoid sodium bicarbonate as much as possible if the fatigue persists.

I understand that people use sodium bicarbonate on a regular basis. I am not convinced that it offers any specific health benefit. There is no reason that alkalinizing the GI tract would help digestion. The body needs an acid media in the gut to break down protein, not alkaline.

I would have to agree with Dr. Klenner’s observation and suggest that people not consume sodium bicarbonate, even in small, seemingly insignificant amounts.