Each of us receives two gifts, life and the freedom to make choices. To make the best of our gift of life we should recognize it as a gift, cherish it, and preserve it to the best of our abilities. The second gift can make us happy or miserable, depending on our choices. This is where it gets tricky because we must learn how to make choices from other people who often fail to make good ones for themselves.

At The Compounder, our lives and business model focus on good health, living well, and enjoying ourselves for as long as possible. As a species, we have a long history of avoiding harm and doing well. In the most recent 50 years or so the numbers of available health choices have increased at an alarming rate. Most often, our options are presented to us in good faith. One health care provider believes in a drug or procedure for health. Another disagrees or offers other approaches.

Where we once ate clean food, drank pure water, lived a life of exercise and restful sleep, we now eat processed food and sugars, drink sweetened carbonated drinks, sit at a keyboard for hours at a time, and worry night after night rather than sleep. Then, to compensate for the problems we cause ourselves, we turn to the healthcare system we have traditionally trusted. Each prescribed solution brings other problems for which we seek yet another fix. In time we’re taking drugs every day and we discover that we will be taking them for the rest of our lives.

It is sad to note that most people caught in such a health rut continue to plod along, doctor visit after doctor visit, prescription drug after prescription drug – with a few surgeries and radiation treatments tossed into the mix. Our current health structure identifies probable diseases and begins treatment – often with more drugs – before the pre-whatever actually happens. People drug their children with amphetamine-like chemicals because they’re advised that the child’s disruptiveness is a disease rather than an expression of childhood.

All is not lost because a growing number of people are recognizing how we often end up doing harm in the name of healthcare, we poison ourselves with toxic drugs, then slather poisonous chemicals on our skin, poison our crops and our lawns with additional chemicals, and consume chemical-laden processed products that look like food.

Those who recognize the harm of modern life are searching for a path to good health, but they are often thwarted because so much information is conflicted

The primary focus at The Compounder is to sift through the data and suggest the most important information to our friends. We understand that the vast majority of people don’t have the time nor the skills to evaluate the information and make a clear decision. Our combined backgrounds and education have prepared us to do the work and tell you about it in a simple manner. No technical terms or high-sounding explanations.

We can help you understand your health dilemma and prepare a script for use when you talk with your doctor. You will have to decide for yourself what you want for the gift of life you have received. It doesn’t have to be painful or confusing. Our website contains hundreds of pages of content and an ever-growing library of blog posts, many of which answer questions from our friends.

Use the advanced search function on every page to find topics that address your life. If that isn’t enough, just ask – use the ASK LARRY button located on every page. We’ll respond directly by email – and your concern may also become part of our encyclopedia (your personal information will never be divulged or shared).

Welcome, friends.