People need to deal with serious health conditions. Often their health providers tell them they are suffering from an autoimmune disease, which is commonly described as a situation where they”…mistakes some part of their body as a pathogen and attack it“, which seems like a catchall phrase for “I don’t know what’s wrong, but it must be the patient’s fault.”

It is outside my reasoning to accept that my body – or anyone’s – would spontaneously attack itself. After decades of experience and study, I conclude there must be underlying agents from outside the body that initiate an attack – a cause, be it a chemical, a food substance, or an invading organism. Instead of throwing up our hands and blaming a nebulous “autoimmune” situation, medical science would probably serve everyone best by looking deeper for causes. Instead of filling out forms and writing prescriptions, serious healthcare professionals ought to think about interacting with their patients on a deep level – as a healer, not just a paper pusher.

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