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Mom Was a Prophet

She wasn’t alone, though, because many people of her generation (early to mid-20th century) bore a deep understanding of what it really meant to be healthy. Sadly, they also lived during times when medicine was changing from the old fashioned holistic approach to the modern beliefs about drugs, surgery, and radiation – thank you AMA and . She also experienced the changing of the food supply and the beginning of an era where chemicals and processing delivered products with long shelf lives that masquerade as food. Still, the rudiments of healthy living persisted, though they were quickly being eroded.

I vividly recall one incident where I had developed an abscess on one of my molars. It was swollen and hurt. I felt feverish and tired. One of mom’s friends suggested I be given an aspirin. My mother became upset and said she wasn’t going to give her child a drug for a sore tooth. Instead she had me swish and gargle with a warm solution of salt and water. The pain subsided as the abscess shrunk in just a few days. I recall the entire incident, but particularly my mom’s charged reaction to giving a drug to a child.

Today, few people would bat an eye at the idea of aspirin. In fact, large numbers of parents give their children drugs that are far more dangerous than aspirin – including ones designed to alter the mind and emotions.

Prophets don’t predict the future. They describe the world as it is. They present truth especially when it goes against the grain. In general, giving drugs to children is accepted today. My mother was appalled by the idea – as I am that today.

Too many of us use too many drugs and it is particularly alarming that we think nothing of drugging our children so their behavior is more acceptable. Furthermore, we down handfuls of pills to treat every sort of symptom rather than searching for and correcting the underlying causes. Yes, our problems don’t usually happen for no reason at all. There are causes and we can usually address them directly.

Yes, it is a mindset, a belief, that there are pills to cure our ills. Sadly that isn’t usually the case. Continuing to believe it will not improve the likelihood that it will become true. There is poison in every potion. Yes, every one of them. You alone have the choice to accept the system that drugs you or try something else. You can decide to BE healthy. It takes work, but seems infinitely more appropriate than the medical options. What do you think?


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